Formations of the Slovak Army and the Hlinka Guard in Bratislava.

Men of the Princes Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry advancing through the rice paddies towards enemy positions across the valley, March 1951

Republican soldiers make barricades with dead horses during the Spanish Civil War, Barcelona, 1936 by Agustí Centelles.

Forward MG34 outpost overlooking the rocky areas north of Viskisbrua.
24 May 1940 - Saltdal, Norway.

Mussolini is greated with a giant letter M in a small village in Piemonte (1928)

A Polish Priest and other civilians who were later executed, are held hostage by the Germans as reprisal for the killings of members of the German minority on “Bloody Sunday”, September 3, 1939 in Bydgoszcz, Poland -
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Belarusian children waving German flags by a picture of Hitler that says in Russian “Hitler, the Liberator”. This photograph was taken on 1 May 1944 during a parade of Germans and Belarusians in Minsk, Belarus.

Sailors of the USS Hancock (CV-19) dousing flames after a successful Japanese Kamikaze attack. April 1, 1945.   

The Banks of the Seine at Argenteuil - Gustave Caillebotte

Soldiers of the Soviet 150thRifle ‘Idritskaya’ Division celebrate in front of the Reichstag in Berlin, 1945. [x]

An AA team in the liberated Soviet city of Smolensk, 1943. Michael Savin

Victor Ivanov, Ward off war! 1962

Scanned from the book “The Soviet Political Poster”. [x]

A mujahideen, a captain in the Afghan army before deserting, poses with a group of rebels near Herat, Afghanistan, on February 28, 1980. At the time, it was reported that the Afghan capital of Kabul returned to normal for the first time since bloody anti-Soviet rioting erupted there, killing more than 300 civilians and an unknown number of Soviet and Afghan soldiers. (AP Photo/Jacques Langevin)

U.S. Marines in landing crafts head to the beach of Iwo Jima which can be seen in the background, February 1945.